Valentina Lazzarotti


I teach “Gestione e controllo dei processi aziendali”  and "Innovazione e sviluppo prodotti" at LIUC. I also teach Management research and experiment design and Managerial Accounting and Performance Measurement in the PhD Program in Management, Accounting and Finance. 

I obtained my Master Degree in Business Administration in 1994 at Università Bocconi and Ph. D. in Management Engineering in 2005 at Politecnico di Milano.

My research interests concern R&D and innovation management, technology strategy, management and organization, innovation and intellectual property, open innovation, family business. In these fields of study I have around 100 publications, as paper on international journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.
I served as scientific reviewer for several  journals such as R&D Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Innovation Management,  Journal of Small Business Management.


Selected Publications


1.     Gjergji R., Lazzarotti, V., Visconti F. & Garcia Marco T. (2020). Technological innovation performance and business-partner collaborations in family firms, Piccola Impresa, 1
2.     Puliga G., Lazzarotti V., Manzini R., Successfully managing SMEs collaborations with public research institutes: the case of ITER fusion project Journal: Innovation (IMPP), in press, pp.1-24.
3.     Aloini, D.Lazzarotti, V.Pellegrini, L. and Zerbino, P. (2019), "Inside-out: the forgotten side of ICT-enabled open innovation", Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print., pp.1-15
4.     Lazzarotti V., Pellegrini L., (2019) How governance mechanisms in family firms impact open innovation: a fuzzy logic approach, Creativity and Innovation Management, Creat Innov Manag. Volume 28, Issue 4 [3], 421-575.
5.     Gjergji, R., Lazzarotti, V., Garcia Marco T., Visconti, F., (2019) Open Innovation in family firms. A systematic literature review, Management Research, The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 17, DOI 10.1108/MRJIAM-03-2019-0913. 
6.     Gjergji, R., Lazzarotti, V., Prasenjit Saha Visconti, F., (2019) “Internationalization and innovation performance of family firms: exploring the role of family management”, Economia Aziendale Online – Business and Management Sciences International Quarterly Review, Vol. 10 - N. 2/2019. 
7.     Anzola P., Garcia T., Lazzarotti V., Bayona C., (2019) "Technological proximity and intensity of collaboration along the funnel: direct and joint effects on innovative performance ", Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 23 No. 5, pp. 931-952.
8.     Lazzarotti V., Minelli E., and Morelli C. (2020) "The evolution of socio-emotional wealth in generational transition of family business: the impact of contextual factors”. International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 245-263. 
9.     Lazzarotti, V., Visconti, F., & Gjergji, R, (2020). Socioemotional wealth and innovativeness in Italian family firms: what happens when the leader is a latest-generation member? Int. J. Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 40, No.1, pp. 54-82. 
10.  Lazzarotti, V., Manzini, R., & Mauri, F. (2018). Balancing actions for radical and incremental innovations in SAES Getters. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 452-466
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13.  Aloini D., Farina G., Lazzarotti V., Pellegrini L, (2017) "Implementing open innovation: conceptual design of an integrated ICT platform”, Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 21, No. 6, pp.1430-1458.
14.  Lazzarotti V., Bengtsson L., Manzini R., Pellegrini L., Rippa P., (2017) “Openness and innovation performance: an empirical analysis of openness determinants and performance mediators”, European Journal of Innovation Management, Volume 20, Number 3, Jun 13, pp.463-492.
15.  Lazzarotti V., Manzini R., Aloini D., Pellegrini L., (2017) “IP, Openness and Innovation Performance: an empirical study”, Management Decision, Volume 55, Number 6, May 30.
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17.  Lazzarotti, V., Manzini, R., Nosella, A., & Pellegrini, L. (2017). Innovation ambidexterity of open firms. The role of internal relational social capital, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 29(1), 105-118.
18.  Lazzarotti V., Gjergji R., Visconti F., (2017) Young leaders and innovation: does SEW evolution across generation matter? Working Papers LIUC. Doi: 10.25428/2532-554X/1
19.  Lazzarotti, V., Manzini, R., Nosella, A., & Pellegrini, L. (2016). Collaboration with scientific partners: the mediating role of managerial mechanisms, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual capital, 13(2-3), 216-237.

20.  Lazzarotti, Valentina, Manzini, Raffaella, Nosella, Anna, Pellegrini, Luisa (2016). Collaborations with scientific partners: the mediating role of the social context in fostering innovation performance, Creativity and Innovation Management, vol. 25, p. 142-156, ISSN: 0963-1690, doi: 10.1111/caim.12158.




a.     Best paper, Economia Aziendale online for the article Gjergji, R., Lazzarotti, V., Prasenjit Saha Visconti, F., (2019) “Internationalization and innovation performance of family firms: exploring the role of family management”, Economia Aziendale Online – Business and Management Sciences International Quarterly Review, Vol. 10 - N. 2/2019. 

b.     The article PELLEGRINI L., LAZZAROTTI V. (2019), “How governance mechanisms in family firms impact open innovation choices: A fuzzy logic approach”, Creativity and Innovation Management, 28, 486–500, has been selected as the 5 nominees for the journal’s Best Paper Award;

c.     Best Paper Award 2017 for the journal of Measuring Business Excellence for the article: AGOSTINI L., BENGTSSON L., LAZZAROTTI V., MANZINI R., NOSELLA A., PELLEGRINI L., STEFAN I., (2017) “Open Innovation with Scientific Partners and Patenting: the Moderating Role of the Internal Context for Innovation”, 12th IFKAD Conference, St Petersburg, Russia, 7-9 June 2017;

d.     2017 - outstanding reviewer 2017 for the Management Decision Journal

e.     “Running-up” 2011 for the article: LAZZAROTTI V., MANZINI R., PELLEGRINI L., (2011) “Protecting IP in the Era of Open Innovation: an Empirical Study in Italy”, 12th International CINet Conference, 11-13 September 2011 Arhus, Denmark, 561-574

f.      Highly Commended Award - Emerald LiteratiNetwork 2008, for the article by Vittorio Chiesa, Federico Frattini, Valentina Lazzarotti, Raffaella Manzini, How do measurement objectives influence the R&D performance measurement system design? Evidence from a multiple case study, published in Management Research News, Vol. 30, No. 3, 2007.

Projects & Grants

  1        National and international research projects and collaborations 

1.1        Member of the international scientific committee who organized:

a.     In 2018 the "Open Innovation Survey2.0" (5 European countries involved)

b.     In 2012 the "Open Innovation Survey" (3 European countries involved). 

1.2        Roles in projects carried out in collaboration with national and international Associations or institutions with the goal of supporting relationships among firms:

a.     2020-2021 – LIUC scientific leader for the project "Manager today: opportunities for professional development in the sme-large firms’ relationship model” in collaboration with Federmanager and financed by 4Manager

b.     2016-2017 - LIUC scientific leader fort the project "Innovation, internationalization and performance: the contribution of us young entrepreneurs", in collaboration with Confindustria Varese (UNIVA)

c.     2016 - LIUC scientific leader for the GUESSS project, focused on students’ entrepreneurship through a global survey involving several countries

d.     2016-2017 – LIUC scientific leader for the submission of the Erasmus + KA2 Youth application “INtegrating Digital comPetencies Into Preparing Entrepreneurs” in collaboration with Kingston University 

e.     2016 – LIUC scientific leader for the submission of the Interreg Italy-Switzerland "Network in Open" project in collaboration with the University of Varese and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of (Italian) Switzerland 

f.      2015 - 2016 - administrator of the SIFooD (Science & Innovation Food District) community created on the Open Innovation Platform launched by the Lombardy region. The project was financed under the Line of intervention Axis 1 POR FESR 2007-2013 ACTION "A" - Submeasure C - MEASURE 2

g.     2012-2013 – participation in research activities within the LARI Project - Business Networks Laboratory, financed by Lombardy Region within the Ergon Program - Action 2 - Call for the promotion and animation of business combinations, with several partners: Business Associations (e.g. Confartigianato Varese, Confindustria Bergamo; Lombard Energy Cluster and Aerospace District), Research Centers, Scientific and Technological Parks and Universities (e.g. ComoNExT, Kilometro Rosso, Politecnico of Milan-Department of Mechanics)

h.     2011 - LIUC scientific leader in the Club-Clustering Project in collaboration with Insubrias Biopark, about "Technological collaborations in biotech and biomedical in Lombardy region".  

1.3        Other scientific relationships and experiences:

a.     Since 2016 – co-supervising of Phd students’ in exchange among LIUC and the Universities of Navarra – Pamplona Spain (1. Public- UPNA and 2. Private -Opus Dei)

b.     2010-2014 - participation in the research project carried out in collaboration with Kent Business School to launch a survey about open innovation practices in the agro-food industry in Italy and UK 

2        Scientific journals

2.1        Participation to editorial committees and guest editor roles

a.     Guest Editor of Special Issues on R&D Management (2020-2021) Creativity and Innovation Management (2021), Business Process Management Journal (2017); Management Decision (2017), International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning (2015)

b.     Since 2017 - member of the Editorial Review Board of the journal "International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM)" 

c.     Since 2017 - member of the Editorial Board of the "European Journal of Innovation Management" 

d.     November 2016 - January 2017 - article Editor for SAGE Open in relation to the paper "Trends in Open Innovation Research: International Collaborations Network and Keyword Analysis" 

e.     Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Information Science Reference IGI GLOBAL - USA for the book Technological, managerial and organizational core competencies: dynamic innovation and sustainable advantage (2011) 

2.2 Organization of scientific conferences, special tracks, session chair and invited speaker roles

a.     Organising member of Special Tracks in national (Riunione Scientifica Annuale AiIG - Associazione italiana Ingegneria Gestionale) and international Conferences (R&D Management, EURAM, CINet, IFKAD) mainly on the themes of Open Innovation and Family Business

b.     Session Chair for CINet Conferences (2006-today) and R&D Management Conference 

c.     Discussant for Riunione Scientifica Annuale of AiIG (since 2006)

d.     Reviewer of abstracts/full papers for the R&D Management; IFKAD; EURAM; Riunione Scientifica Annuale AiIG; CINet Conferences

e.     Invited speaker for the seminar "Research in Italy, while opening to Spain" at the private university of Navarra, Pamplona, ​​as part of the collaboration on the themes of open innovation and innovation management, 8 February 2016

f.      Invited speaker at the "World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities" with a talk entitled "Is your open innovation successful? The mediating role of a firm's organizational and social context", Faculté Jean Monnet, Paris, 29 May 2015


Specialization and Interests

Her scientific activity mainly regards Open Innovation (OI), Technology Transfer, Technological Collaborations and Performance Measurement of innovation activities. The main Investigated topics concern the antecedents of OI and Technological Collaborations (e.g. environmental factors depicting the technological and/or the business context), that can drive the openness choices; moderators and/or mediators (e.g. managerial and organizational mechanisms/routines), that can act as facilitators to make OI choices effective in terms of innovation performance. Methodologies used are both qualitative (case-study based), and quantitative (survey-based with collection of standardized data).

On these topics, she authored international publications, including Long Range Planning, Creativity and Innovation Management, Management Decision, R&D Management.


Bibliographic indicators (January 2021):

Scopus: 54 documents, 963, citations, h-index 17

Scholar: 175 documents, 2036 citations, h-index 24