Andrea Venegoni

Selected Publications

Market Reactions to ECB Policy Innovations: a Cross-Country Analysis. (2019), Journal of International Money and Finance, (91), p. 126-137. – (con Fausto Pacicco e Luigi Vena)

The cross-country impact of ECB policies: asymmetries in - asymmetries out? (2019), Journal of International Money and Finance, (90), p. 118-141. – (con Massimiliano Serati)

Drivers of migration flows for companies: an integrated analysis (2018), Rivista Italiana di Economia, Demografia e Statistica, 72(3), 53-65. – (con Massimiliano Serati)

Event study estimations using Stata: the estudy command. (2018) The Stata Journal, vol.18, n.2, p. 461-476. – (con Fausto Pacicco e Luigi Vena).

Stress tests and asset quality reviews of banks: A policy announcement tool. (2017) Journal of Financial Stability, 32, 86-98. – (con Valter Lazzari e Luigi Vena).