Fausto Pacicco

Selected Publications

  • Pacicco, F., Vena, L., and Venegoni, A. (2021). From common to firm-specific event dates: a substantial update to estudy command. Stata Journal. In press.
  • Comerio, N., & Pacicco, F. (2020). Thank you for your staying! An analysis of the economic impact of tourism in Japanese prefectures. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-14.
  • Comerio, N., Pacicco, F., & Serati, M. (2020). An analysis of sub-national tourism in Japan: Tourist and economic spillovers and their determinants. Annals of tourism research, 85(C).
  • Pacicco, F., Vena, L., & Venegoni, A. (2020). Communication and financial supervision: How does disclosure affect market stability?. Journal of Empirical Finance, 57, 1-15.
  • Serati, M., Centinaio, A., Pacicco, F., Sottrici, F., & Venegoni, A. (2019). Attrattività di impresa e sviluppo economico del territorio. Promuovere la crescita del tessuto industriale regionale per resistere alle pressioni competitive globali. Quaderni di ricerca sull'artigianato, 7(1), 23-44.
  • Pacicco, F., Rappelli, F., and Serati, M. (2019), Reading the territory: supporting regional policy-making with synthetic indicators from 100% Lombardia. TERRITORIO 90/2019, pp. 90-178, DOI:10.3280/TR2019-090018
  • Pacicco, F., Vena, L., and Venegoni, A. (2019). Market Reactions to ECB Policy Innovations: A Cross-Country Analysis. Journal of International Money and Finance 91, 126-137
  • Pacicco, F., Vena, L., and Venegoni, A. (2018). Event study estimations using stata: The estudy command. Stata Journal, 18(2):461–476(16).
  • Serati, M., Pacicco, F. (2018) Serati, M., Pacicco, F. (2018) A proposal for a micro-territorial well-being index: the WIT. Rivista SIEDS Volume LXXII n. 3