Emanuele Pizzurno


Emanuele Pizzurno, PhD, is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness and Assistant Professor of Management at the School of Industrial Engineering of LIUC Università Cattaneo where he is also coordinator of the Energy and Sustainability Management course.

He is also research fellow and professor at the Scuola Mattei - Eni Corporate University and at the Department of Management and Industrial Engineering - Politecnico di Milano, as well as Affiliate Faculty Member in the MOC Program at Harvard Business School.

The major research and teaching topics concern open innovation and technology management; he has also long studied environmental strategies and management. On these issues, he is the author of several scientific publications.

Selected Publications

1.    De Massis, A., Frattini, F., Pizzurno, E., Cassia, L. (2015). Product Innovation in Family vs. Non-Family Firms: an Exploratory Analysis. Journal of Small Business Management, Vol. 53, n. 1, 1-36

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Specialization and Interests

Competitiveness and clusters

Open innovation and innovation management