Raffaella Manzini


I am Full Professor at LIUC Università Cattaneo, where I teach “Innovation and New Product Development” and "Business Administration and Organization”.

My research interests are R&D and innovation management, technology strategy, management and organization, innovation and intellectual property, open innovation. In these fields of study I have around 60 international publications and I have coordinated projects financed by private companies as well as public funding agencies.

Very recently I have started studying the impact of Research activities in terms of Third Mission of Universities and Public Research Centres. in this field of study I am collaborating with the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and with the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) .

Since December 2015 I am Vice Rector with specific mandate on scientific research activities.

Since 2015 I'm the Director of the PhD Program in Management, Finance and Law for Business, where I teach Innovation Management.

I obtained my Master Degree in Management Engineering in 1994 at Politecnico di Milano.

Selected Publications

  • Manzini, Raffaella, Lazzarotti, Valentina, Pellegrini, Luisa (2016). How to remain as closed as possible in the open innovation era: the case of Lindt & Sprüngli. LONG RANGE PLANNING, p. 1-22, ISSN: 0024-6301, doi: 10.1016/j.lrp.2015.12.011
  • Lazzarotti, Valentina, Manzini, Raffaella, Nosella, Anna, Pellegrini, Luisa (2015). Collaborations with scientific partners: the mediating role of the social context in fostering innovation performance. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION MANAGEMENT, vol. 25, p. 142-156, ISSN: 0963-1690, doi: 10.1111/caim.12158
  • Lazzarotti V., Manzini R., Pellegrini L. (2015) Is your open innovation successful? The mediating role of the organizational and social context, International Journal of Human Resource Management, DOI: 10.1080/09585192.2014.1003080, published online 23 Jan 2015.
  •  Manzini R., Lazzarotti V. (2015) Intellectual property protection mechanisms in collaborative new product development, R&D Management, DOI: 10.1111/radm.12126, published online 27 Feb 2015.
  • Lazzarotti, V., Manzini, R ., Mari L.,  A model for R&D performance measurement, International Journal of Production Economics, 134 (2011) 212–223  
  • Lazzarotti V., Manzini R., (2009), Different modes of open innovation: a theoretical framework and an empirical study, International Journal of Innovation Management, vol 13, issue 4, pp. 615-636
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  • Chiesa, V., Manzini, R., Organising for Technological Collaborations: a Managerial Perspective, R&D Management, July, 1998


reviewer for several international journals: Long Range Planning, R&D Management, International Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Tehcnology Marketing, Industry and Innovation.

2015-2016: co-editor of a special issue of the Management Decision Journal: Intellectual property Management

2015-2016: co-editor of a special issue of the Business Process Management Journal: "Implementing Open Innovation: technological and managerial tools".

2014-2015: co-editor of a special issue of the International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning: "Do we still need another special issue on open innovation?", vol. 10, 3/4.

2015: organiser of a special track titled: "Technology clusters: supporting collaborative innovation" within the International Conference on Public Policy, Milan, July 1-3, 2015.

2015: organiser of a special track titled "intellectual property and innovation management" withi the CINet Conference 2105, September 13-15, Stockholm.


Projects & Grants

2011-2014: ETICO, “Innovation and technology transfer in the energy industry”, with Politecnico di Milano and Energy Cluster, grant by th italian Ministry of economic Development.

2011-2015: Open Innovation in the European Manufacturing Industry, with University of Gävle and University of Linköping, Sweden; Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, and Kent Business School, UK.

2013-2016: Technology Intelligence in R&D intensive industries, grant by Saes Getters Company.

2013-2015: The appropriability of innovation in high tech, multi-invention contexts, grant by BTSR Company.

 2008-2011: RIPPI, network for promoting Intellectual property protection, EU Inter-reg grant Italy - Switzerland.