China in the world economy 2019-2020

Lecturers: Saro Capozzoli, Rodolfo Helg



Aim of the course: The course will address the economic and social impact of Inbound Foreign Direct Investment (IFDI) in China through the transfer of Western resources and skills. Which strategies and methods of investment and approach are the most correct and most successful?

Through concrete examples and real case studies we will try to understand what are the necessary tools to survive and be successful in China.

At the same time, China has increased its openings and its engagement with the world and pursues ambitious economic objectives. Chinese companies have become global and the global expansion of Chinese companies is a recent phenomenon, which is not well understood. Are they a real danger or do they represent an opportunity?

Through historical themes, geopolitics, international relations, economics, finance, strategy and the role of managerial education in the development of entrepreneurial skills, we will try to understand the challenges and biases of Chinese companies that face going global and the difficulties foreign companies encounter entering and expanding in China.


Course content:


LEC 1: The recent economic evolution (Rodolfo Helg) (class presentation)

LEC 2: Doing Business in China, the importance of a presence (Saro Capozzoli).

LEC 3: The different investment forms and tooling (Saro Capozzoli)

LEC 4: Chinese M&A and developing the Chinese market: two faces of the same coin (Saro Capozzoli)

LEC 5: The human factor: managing a company in China, dealing with Chinese managers (Saro Capozzoli)




Students evaluation will be based on their class participation and on a short paper and related class presentation. Topics and bibliography for the paper and class presentation will be suggested by the lecturers.


Suggested readings:


- Clissold, T., Mr. China: A MemoirHarperCollins Publishers, 2006 (anche in Italiano) 

- Brahm, L.J., When Yes Means No! (Or Yes or Maybe): How to Negotiate a Deal in ChinaTuttle Pub2003

- Kroebe, A.R., China's Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know, Oxford University Press, 2016.

- Kissinger, H., On China, Penguin-Random House, 2012 (review on New York Times by M. Kakutani)

- Healy, J., Chinese Firms Going Global: Can They Succeed?World Scientific Publishing Company, 2018) 

- Val Kaplan, Doing business in China online: digital marketing in China, independently published, 2017.