Niccolò Comerio


Graduated in “Economics and Management” at LIUC – Cattaneo University, he is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in “Management, Finance and Accounting” at LIUC – Cattaneo University. His research activity focuses mainly on two fields of study: "tourism economics" (with specific interest in the regional impact of tourism development) and "labor economics". He is teaching assistant for the courses "Consolidated Financial Statement" and "Management and Principles of Accounting" at LIUC – Cattaneo University. Additionally, he is teaching assistant for the course "Financial Reporting and Analysis" at Bocconi University.


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Selected Publications

Comerio, N., Minelli, E., Torchia, E., and Sottrici, F. (2019). Cross-border commuters: how to properly segment them? A preliminary framework of analysis. Presented at: 52nd International Business Research Conference. Castellanza, Italy, July 4th. 

Comerio, N., Minelli, E., Sottrici, F., and Torchia, E. (2019). Skill-mismatch and the relationship between skills and jobs. The case of the Insubria cross-border area. Presented at: 52nd International Business Research Conference. Castellanza, Italy, July 4th.

Ciovati, F., Comerio, N. and Tettamanzi, P. (2019). Crisi d'impresa e insolvenza: individuazione, misurazione e strumenti di soluzione. In: Tettamanzi, P. (Ed.), Le guide il Fisco: Bilancio 2019 (pp. 136-144). Milano: Il Fisco. ISBN: 978-886085-3059 [in Italian

Serati M., Comerio N., and Pacicco F. (2019). Piccoli e grandi tesori del belpaese: turismo e crescita economica nelle province italiane. In: Quaderni di ricerca sull'artigianato 1/2019 (pp. 79-101). Bologna: Società editrice il Mulino. ISBN: 978-886085-3059. [in Italian

Comerio, N., Minelli, E., and Urbinati, A. (2019). Il ruolo del capitale umano nella transizione verso un'Industria 4.0. Sviluppo & Organizzazione, 286, 80-87. ISSN: 0391-7045. [in Italian]

Comerio, N., Minelli, E., and Urbinati, A. (2019). The role of human capital in the digital transition towards Industry 4.0. Presented at: Workshop dei Docenti e Ricercatori di Organizzazione Aziendale (WOA): Identity and Pluralism across Organizational Studies and Practices. Palermo, Italy, February 7-8. 

Comerio, N., and Strozzi, F. (2019). Tourism and its economic impact: A literature review using bibliometric tools. Tourism Economics, 25(1), 109-131. DOI: 

Serati M., Comerio N., and Sottrici F. (2018). Cittadini del mondo in transito. In: Serati M. (Ed.), Welcome In (pp. 157-176). Milano: Guerini NEXT. ISBN: 978-88-6896-215-9 [in Italian]

Draft / Forthcoming 

Comerio, N., Pacicco, F., and Serati, M. (2019). An Inter-Prefectural Analysis of the Japanese Tourism Sector and Its Economic Spillovers. In preparation/draft available at

Comerio, N. and Pacicco, F. (2018). Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu: Economic spillovers of regional tourism in Japan. In preparation/draft available at: