Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe



8 July 2016 "Brain Gain, Brain Drain and Brain Return Explained by a Model Based on

Individual Country' Well-Being Indicator (LISE)" Liminta Luca

Giovangiuseppe & Serati Massimiliano presented at 4th European Academic

Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking -

Zurich ISBN: 978-1-943579-06-08 Paper ID: DRZ602

Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe “Brain Drain, Brain Return and Brain Gain

explained with the help of Nash’s Games Theory” 

6th European Academic Conference on Global Business, Economics,

Finance and Social Sciences - Rome 1-3 July 2017 

ISBN 978-1-943579-95-2

Since May 2016 International Public Policy Association - Member -

Since October 2015 Peer Reviewer "International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management

Sciences - ISSN: 2326-9553 (print) - ISSN: 2326-9561 (online) -

Since July 2014 Stipendiary Fellow Researcher – LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University – holder

scolarship EUPOLIS – Regione Lombardia – website:

Since July 2014 Ph.D in Management, Finance and Law for Business - XXX cycle – LIUC Carlo

Cattaneo University – Castellanza (VA) Italy – Supervisor Professor:

Massimiliano Serati – Search Scope: economics, macroeconomics, economic

policy, microeconomics

March 2014

Master Degree in Economics e Businness Administration

Master Degree awarded in a single year of study (2012/2013) rather than in the 2

years period from the regular course with the special permission of the University

Chancellor. Graduate on March 27, 2014 with a thesis entitled: “Seigniorage and

market’s power” – Degree Mark: 110/110 (full marks).

July 2012

Bachelor in Economics

Bachelor in Economics. Graduate on July 12, 2012 with a thesis entitled: “The

German’s economic model and it’s applicability in Italy”


- March 25, 2009: Winner of JCI Business competition – Toyp Award Varese 2009


- 2011: Entertainment Coordinator European President Meeting Varese 2011


- From march 2006 to April 2010: Founder and Ceo Brand 69X35

- Holds various patents on European Community trade mark – web: - Trade mark number 006777569, 006777783


Selected Publications


probably at december 2017

- Liminta Luca G., Serati Massimiliano “Brain Drain Brain Gain and Brain Return: a Model Based on

Individual Country' Well-being Indicator (LISE)” (under review).

- Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe, Serati Massimiliano, Andrea Venegoni “Levels of LISE that Drives

High-Skilled Migration Flows” (presentato in conferenza 2017 LIUC).

-  Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe …. “The importance of First Wage in High-Skilled

Migration” (work in progress).

-  Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe, Serati Massimiliano, Venegoni Andrea, “Using

LISE in a companies' migration scheme” (work in progress).

-  Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe …. “Lombardy's High Skilled Migration flows

explained by LISE” (work in progress).

-  Liminta Luca Giovangiuseppe, Serati Massimiliano .... "Is There an Economic

Scheme Behind International Terrorism?" (work in progress)

Professional Experiences

Since July 2014

• Working as Tax Advisor – Professional Accountant

• Business Consulting – Tax Consulting – Corporate and Companies Financial

Statements – Corporates and Companies Income Statements – External and

internal Auditing

Projects & Grants

Specialization and Interests


Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics, Economic policy, Economics.