Fabrizio Dallari


Fabrizio Dallari is Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at LIUC University and he is also head of the Logistics Research Center (C-log). His current research interests include Operations and Supply Chain Management with a special emphasis on physical distribution network design, transportation systems, materials handling and supply chain planning.

His researches on the fast moving consumer goods supply chain have been cited widely.

He has been researching and teaching in logistics and supply chain for over 20 years and has published extensively in journals, conferences and he wrote 7 books.

Fabrizio Dallari has cooperated with many companies, leaders in their respective fields. In 2010 he received "Logistic Man of the year" award by Assologistica. He is the owner of the "Logistica" discussion group on Linked-in, with +4.000 followers.